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DockOn is dedicated to bringing to market breakthrough technologies that deliver on the promise of an Always On wirefree world. Over time we believe our patented technology, which can radically improve range, reduce interference, increase capacity and improve battery life, will become a standard widely adopted across the planet.

Today we can provide customers with solutions that significantly improve sensitivity, increase battery life or multiply the capacity and range of wireless networks.

Our Technology

Our breakthrough Quantal Core Technologies improve receiver sensitivity, and reduce interference by providing unmatched improvements in signal to noise ratio, at a very low level of power consumption.

Our CPL Antennas provide best in class efficiency in a compact design at a significant cost advantage. CPL antennas benefit our customers across the value chain – from product concept to manufacturing.

We enable our consumer electronic customers to triple the range of WiFi routers which also allows cellular carriers to truly rely on WiFi networks to unload their data for the best customer experience.  

We enable our utility metering customers to locate wireless water meters underground,  without trading off wireless performance, while accessing data in real time.  

The Internet of Things is going to revolutionize our lives.  From home appliances to wearable consumer and medical devices, and large industrial equipment, everything is getting connected to the internet over wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave and numerous cellular protocols. DockOn’s technology can enable telemedicine customers to provide real time automatic and reliable medical monitoring, enabling people to control key elements of their life with a simple finger touch.  We also enable our industrial equipment customers to remotely manage production line and quality controls.

Right ImageAgile Product Development

DockOn also provides services and tools to help accelerate our customer’s overall product development cycles.  Our Advanced Design Services team help our customers get unmatched performance for IoT, Utility Applications or Wearable Device projects.  We will dedicate a team of experts to your specific project.  By collaborating with your development team, they will speed your time to market and ensure your solutions outperform the competition.

Quarry, our cutting edge software tool for Analysis and Reporting and Quarry Collaborator, help our customers  characterize and optimize their products’ wireless performance, share the data within their organization and with their partners, and generate all regulatory and compliance reports.

In summary, DockOn technology is here to increase the capacity of today’s wireless networks 100′s of times; allow GPS devices to be Always On; and wearable medical devices to monitor our health continuously, accurately and reliably.

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About Our Team

The DockOn team is an exceptional international team of scientists, engineers and business development experts. We are pushing the boundaries of science by bringing breakthrough, analogue technology to market to create massive improvements in our digital world. If you have an enquiring mind and are committed to our vision of an Always On wirefree world why not explore careers with us?

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