Unlock your wireless product's performance.

Our antenna design services provide everything you need to develop high-performance wireless products. With breakthrough CPL Antennas, our own software tools, and an expert antenna design team, we are dedicated to your project's success.

Are your wireless products performing at optimal levels? Wireless product antennas are the most confusing, overlooked component and a common failure point in wireless design.

When developed using high-performance hardware and design, custom embedded antennas can optimize your high performance wireless product. With DockOn's custom antenna design services, you never have to risk optimal wireless performance again.

Our custom antenna design service empowers you to develop and launch revolutionary wireless products by using industry-leading CPL Antennas and an experienced antenna design team. And we provide a simple pricing structure with open communication, removing any confusion typically associated with antenna design services.

Why choose our custom antenna design services?

How most antenna design services work:

Inefficient antenna hardware.

Most antenna design services pull antenna designs from an outdated antenna architecture library, so you'll never see breakthrough antenna improvements. This can lead to poor performance for your wireless devices.

Complex pricing structure.

Why commit to some outrageously large NRE payment up front when you don't even know what the end antenna design result will be?

Lengthy, complicated design process.

Many antenna design services get you lost in antenna electromagnetics jargon without benefitting your product's commercial success and competitive advantage.

How DockOn services work:

Maximum performance custom CPL antennas.

Our custom CPL Antennas are a true innovation in compound field technology, essentially combining a loop and monopole antenna. This means dramatically smaller, more efficient, and cost effective antennas for wireless devices.

Simple, easy-to-understand pricing.

We remove all fuzziness to antenna design pricing. You will know service and production costs in advance. And we can provide customized antennas for low to medium volume products with no extra BOM cost than you pay today.

Rapid and agile design process.

Our antenna design team works with your engineering and marketing to rapidly design high performance antennas. You'll receive a clear project schedule and timeline, saving you time and reducing costly development delays.

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