CPL Antennas

DockOn’s patented CPL Antenna technology brings important innovation to a key, and often ignored component of today’s wireless broadband and Internet of Things challenges.

CPL antennas are small and highly efficient antennas. They combine in one package the benefits of loop and dipole antennas,  high efficiency and resiliency to the surrounding environment. They can be printed in one layer on surfaces such as circuit boards. They therefore provide industry leading cost/sensitivity performance.

As Asus found with their ac56u router, CPL antennas contribute to industry leading WiFi router performance.

When a major water management company needed to increase the complexity of their water meter messaging, DockOn’s CPL antennas allowed them to improve battery life and reduce cost. Other solutions would have resulted in bigger batteries, higher energy consumption and more cost.

A straightforward license and royalty-pricing model delivers great value.

CPL antennas unique isolation characteristics allow for two or more antennas to operate in close proximity. This provides new design opportunities for todays advanced home entertainment markets.

OEMs can combine industry-leading performance with compact size at competitive cost. This allows for radical new designs.

ODMs can take advantage of DockOn’s fast design cycles using Quarry Software and Builder automated design. Uniquely through our Partnership with Litepoint, testing can take place over the air via our Coupling Test. This can significantly reduce ODM testing costs and improve margins.

For industrial customers in Utilities metering, Internet of Things or Wearables, we offer our Advanced Design Services. Utilizing our efficient suite of software packages we optimize antenna design for your most demanding situations. Simple transparent pricing, revolutionary technology, and great service, combine to meet your needs.

Finally, the CPL antenna really provides value across the whole supply chain. As demonstrated with our partner LitePoint, the CPL antenna is the first and only antenna solution that enables RF calibration and testing to be performed wirelessly at similar or even better quality levels as traditional wired tests.  The strong and reliable CPL to CPL coupling allows strong direct coupling with limited cross coupling.

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