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DockOn has a patented range of breakthrough Quantal Core Technologies that improve receiver sensitivity, reduce interference and provide unmatched improvements in signal to noise ratio at a very low level of power consumption.

Quantal Core Technologies operate by ‘locking on’ to a signal in analogue mode and amplifying it through oscillation. This both boosts the signal and reduces the noise floor. A study at University of California San Diego (UCSD) has identified that this modernized ‘regenerative receiver’ requires modification to some of the simplifying assumptions in today’s RF literature.

In its first implementation – The Quantal Core Amplifier acts as a replacement for a low noise amplifier (LNA) – what we qualify as 10cube benefits. It basically provides

  • 10X better signal to noise ratio, with
  • 10X more gain for
  • 10X less power consumption as compared to best in class LNA’s. These parameters can easily be adjusted depending on the specific needs of your application.

Depending on how these parameters are optimized, the Quantal Core Amplifier used in a Receiver or QARx can offer 20dB in added gain or consume 100 times less power than comparable devices while still improving the signal to noise ratio.

DockOn is developing this core technology for different applications. Contact us if you are interested about the benefits for your application.

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These breakthrough technologies can offer even higher levels of benefits.

For example one form of Quantal Core Technologies allows ‘nulls’ in Coax and copper pair systems to be neutralized.

Or when combined with CPL Antennas steerable, MIMO arrays can be created very cost effectively.

An increase in deployment of WiFi hotspots in public areas does not necessarily mean greater bandwidth. WiFi signals often interfere with each other, reducing capacity. The importance of interference rejection is growing and DockOn’s Quantal Core Technologies address this problem at the root by enhancing the receiver sensitivity, and rejecting noise both out of, and in band.

The impacts of the technology will be widespread and profound. Quantal Core Technologies alone improves sensitivity and increases signal-to-noise ratio by as much as 10db.

This gives a wide range of opportunities for performance improvement. Range can be increased, bandwidth boosted or battery life enhanced depending on the priority of the design.

This brings opportunities such as Always On GPS on handsets – without draining the battery. Or getting up to 10X cube more out of a WiFi network. Or skin sensors capable of detecting subtle changes in body chemistry.

Our Quantal Core Technologies will enable your product to listen better instead of shouting louder.

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