Quarry is an advanced analysis and reporting platform used by the wireless device development eco-system to import measured and simulated data from various sources for analysis and reporting in a common environment.

“At NETGEAR we work constantly to improve quality and reduce time to market for an increasing number of products to meet customer demand. Using the Quarry Analysis & Reporting tool in our lab has helped speed up our analysis ~10x while making it significantly easier to accurately compare measured and simulated data and thereby reducing design cycles.” 
-Joseph Emmanuel, Director, Wireless Performance at NETGEAR


Advanced Analysis

Quarry is the only software available today that’s capable of accepting data from different sources such as OTA/EMC/SAR and software simulation tools for easy comparison in the same charts/plots/grids using very simple drag and drop functionality. With Quarry you can import data and analyze and export the results by a single click to generate PDF/PowerPoint/Word/Excel documents.

Superior Reporting – Quarry Tag Builder and Formula Editor

Quarry’s Advanced Reporting feature has a strong tagging system, which allows the user to create report templates. When exporting the data to a specified template, Quarry will identify and manipulate the raw data – be it images, graphs, plots, numbers, etc – and place it accurately inside the report. Using Quarry to automate report generation will save you up to 90% of reporting time and eliminate human errors, which typically is found in 60% of reports received by Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) today.

The list of supported data sources is growing and your may pick specific modules to customize Quarry to your needs:

Quarry Chamber Data Sources

ETS-Lindgren (integrated with EMQuest)


Aplus Tech

Rhode & Schwarz


Quarry Utility Data Sources

CST Microwave Studio

Ansoft HFSS




Microsoft Excel

Image Files

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