Water, Gas and Electricity Industries

The world’s Water, Gas and Electricity systems are under increasing pressure to reduce inefficiencies and losses. You are looking to smart network metering technologies for innovative solutions? A completely wirelessly connected, Always On network of meters, and more accurate detection of resource usage and loss, (such as water leaks) are some of your top priorities.

DockOn’s breakthrough technology innovations, Quantal Core Technologies and CPL Antennas are key enablers for utility metering to:

  • Migrate from manual reading to centrally managed wireless meter networks
  • Meet demanding battery life requirements (often over 20 years)
  • Reliably communicate wireless signals in and out of very challenging environments such as in-ground water pits and manholes, concrete/metal cabinets, and in-home closets
  • Effectively reduce costly base station infrastructure by at least half
  • Utilize often noisy public frequency spectrum while rejecting unwanted interference
  • Extend wireless coverage areas without sacrificing data rates or battery life
  • Enhance sensor accuracy and reduce power consumption for water leak detectors, flow meters, and more

Our Technology

DockOn’s breakthrough technology promises exciting future opportunities for the Water, Gas and Electricity markets. Development work on the use of Quantal Core Technologies is advanced in a number of fields, including situations where an Always On meter network would require expensive workarounds; highly sensitive water leak detection systems using today’s infrastructure; Ultra Sonic sensing; Pipeline Communications systems.

DockOn’s Advanced Design Services has a proven track record in making significant improvements to smart meter performance.  Find our more here.

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