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WiFi is now key to the way people communicate, conduct business and organize their lives. More people are connected to knowledge, information and tools than ever before. The Internet of Things means products, objects and other ‘things’ are being connected to each other in smarter ways – reducing costs, improving efficiency, and generating new types of value through information. As a result, the wireless space has become crowded and consumers are becoming more aware, informed and demanding when it comes to the selection of their central device – the WiFi router.

WiFi Router OEMs are challenged by this market in many ways: to increase throughput and meet the challenges of 4K video; to increase range, even in challenging buildings; to reduce interference from the spiralling number of overlapping wireless routers in most city environments; to create new smaller and more aesthetically pleasing form factors.

DockOn’s breakthrough technologies enable Always On connectivity, based on a quantum leap in wireless networking speed. DockOn’s Quantal Core Technologies and CPL Antennas available today, can help WiFi Router OEMs solve many of today’s challenges.

CPL Antennas provide world beating cost/efficiency performance. They can be printed on a PCB board and are incredibly small for the performance they achieve. As a result you can achieve great performance and great design in the living room. No more need for ugly external dipoles. Your design teams options are wide open.

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Our software suite of reporting and analysis tools, Quarry,  allows quick and effective design cycles as your design develops. The high isolation characteristics of CPL Antennas enable sophisticated use of different wireless protocols in confined spaces.

Our development program shows that Quantal Core Technology can reject interference and effectively double the range of individual routers. When combined with CPL Antennas highly sophisticated steerable MIMO arrays can be created promising 100x plus throughput improvements.

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